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VFW National Home for Children - Who We Help

The National Home's community is open to families of active-duty military personnel, veterans and – recognizing that the effects of war can last for generations - descendants of members of the VFW and its Auxiliary. The family can be one or both parents with one or more children.  War takes a terrible toll on American military and veteran families. Emotional wounds, financial stress, fractured family relationships, hopelessness and more can often be the outcome for families with a parent serving our country – now, recently or from earlier generations.  Families may have a life changing experience when living in our community where they can:

  * Find stability and security during a deployment
  * Recover from a crisis
  * Deal with life's challenges to get their feet under them
  * Keep the family whole during vocational rehabilitation
  * Find happiness that was taken away and more

From the Chaplain’s Pen………………....………………… Dr. Al Lowe

Luke 7:1-10 is a very interesting piece from a soldier’s point of view. In this narrative, a Centurion (one author identified this person at the rank of a Sergeant Major) has someone in his unit that is “ill to death.” As any good leader would do, he sent for the Great Physician – although he did not know Jesus as the Great Physician at that time. He only knew that the words of Jesus were laden with power, and that he, the Sergeant Major, believed and had faith in what Jesus could do.

It may be interesting for each of us to consider our relationship with those of our unit, those under our command or supervision, and ask the question, “How did I really take care of that soldier?” My guess is that we will all have different experiences, different stories, and different ways of being a leader.

I am reminded of a situation with a subordinate chaplain who I learned that he was doing what the privates did in his unit, so he could better counsel them. I called the ‘younger’ chaplain into my office and asked him, “while you are doing the job of a private, who is doing the job of a chaplain?” It is one thing to spend time in the motor poll, on the firing range, doing PT with different elements of the command. That is a great means to learn the soldiers and how to serve them. However, it is quite different to do the job of that soldier, at the expense of you own. I believe the chaplain learned the lesson for several years later he was in a very senior position.

And that is what we do as Comrades of the VFW. We take care of one another. If I have a certain issue that I cannot solve, I have an entire fraternity of brothers and sisters, at the very least one of them experienced my “unsolvable” problem --- and are ready and willing to help me solve my problem. What is really disappointing is when one of the Comrades has a situation and needs a little assistance and they are too proud to ask for help, then they have to carry that burden all by themselves.

The Centurion of Luke 7 knew his soldier, and he cared for his soldier. Not only that, he sent for the One whose word is Power. Let us all be leaders in that manner.

Take care; I will see you down range!

Chaplain Al Lowe


Bible Verse Of The Month

Luke Chapter 7, Verse 1

"Now when he had ended all his sayings

in the audience of the people, 

he entered into Capernaum."


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