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VFW National Home for Children

Who We Help

The National Home's community is open to the families of active-duty military personnel, veterans and relatives of VFW and VFW Auxiliary members. The family can be one or both parents with one or more children.

Families may accomplish significant life goals by participating in our program.  We offer: 

  * Case Management services to help families set up their plans and goals for the future. 
  * Educational, recreational, and enrichment opportunities. 
  * Community resources and counseling.
  * Free housing and daycare. 

From the Chaplain’s Pen …………………………………………...........… Chaplain Al Lowe

I have had an interesting experience this past week.  The event began in 1980 when my grandfather wrote of his – now my – family.  The name he put on this research is “The King Family.”  As far as he could determine, the family began in 1790 on the outskirts of civilization in what is now known as Ohio.  He followed the family through the 19th century and into the 20th century finally settling in the community of Martha, West Virginia.  I received a copy of the narrative several years ago and have only recently began writing from the 5th generation in 1980 until this current date and the 8th generation.  In all, I have before me eight generations of The King Family.

While this may sound like a “So What!” to many who may be reading this note, the So What is that we as Veterans trace our heritage back to the formation of this nation and the Revolutionary War.  In fact, one might believe that the original war for independence has never concluded and that through the past 250 years, we the veterans of this great nations has defended whose determination would be to consider making waste of the United States of America.  We who have served in the continuation of our country can trace our heritage with pride and determination; and our flag still waves!

The first military branch was the Army.  Following the Army was the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard.  We are brothers and sisters, cousins one to the other.  I suppose you might think as I do and stand proud and tall of my service in and for our country.  I am a soldier while my grandson will become a sailor following graduation from grad-school.

We move into the second quarter of 2019.  Identify yourself to your brothers and sisters.  One thing I do is when I see a veteran, I will go to that “brother” and identify myself as a veteran, which opens a dialogue as to branch and duty.  And generally, I have the opportunity to invite that Veteran to join and participate with the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Sure, I want Veterans to join the VFW, but possibly more than that, I want to know my Veteran-kin, and be known by them.

Folks, we are the sons and daughters of those who started this country in the late 18th century.  And veterans have carried the torch through the 20th century.  Now with the beginning of the 21st century we have the honor of handing that torch to those who will carry it into through the 21st century, and into the future – our brothers and sisters.


Al Lowe MA, DMin

Texas State Chaplain

District 14 & Post 4008

VFW Post 4008


Bible Verse Of The Month

  Psalm 15, Verse 2
"He that walketh uprightly, and

wortheth righteousness, and

 speaketh the truth in his heart."

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