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VFW National Home for Children The Kids Celebrate 4H Success at The Eaton County Fair!

July 22, 2016 

Months of hard work, persistence, and practice culminated in the 2016 Eaton County Fair on the week of July 11th for the 4H members of the VFW National Home for Children.  The weather was hot but breezy as the kids guided their hogs past the judge, careful to never step in between her and their pig.  This year we had 13 kids showing hogs.  For showmanship, there was a 4th place, two 5th place and a 6th place winner. For the individual judging, the pigs took a 1st, three 2nd, two 3rd, two 4th, and a 5th place.   

The following day it was even hotter as five girls from the National Home showed their seven rabbits. The amount of kids participating in the rabbit showing is huge (they are divided by age with at least 20 kids in each group.) The girls placed 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th, and there was an honorable mention in the rabbit showmanship.  During the individual judging, three of the rabbits were given best of breed.

With their non-livestock projects, the kids have also done a great job! Two of our paintings were held back for consideration of top ten.

4H is such a powerful tool to teach kids responsibility and patience.  The kids have had fun spending time with their friends, seeing their 4-H friends and making new ones, sharing their knowledge with their family and making memories.


From the Chaplain’s Pen …………………………… Chaplain Al Lowe

Welcome to August. There are many important issues before us as members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

First of all, most schools will begin their fall term in August. As I write this note, many of the students playing football and marching in the band have already begun their preparations for the coming season. Among other things, we pray for these students, their teachers, and their safety – especially as the temperatures read the 100? F. mark.

Second will be the beginning of the Voice of Democracy/Patriot’s Pen competition. I do hope we have all placed the information in the correct places; and I also hope the parents and teachers will encourage their children and students to participate in this event. Here is an opportunity for students to get a “heads-up” on the funding of the school and learn the proper manner in which they must write and present a paper.

And perhaps down the list somewhere is the campaign of the political candidates (nationally) for the highest offices in our republic. One I will semi-relate to be that all soldiers who served, all military people and their families are Great Americans. Some fought in horrendous military battles; some were in administration; some were non-combatants – but ALL served our country and ALL are Great Americans deserving our appreciation and support.

This past week I received a phone call from a local funeral home telling me that a family wanted their patriarch to be buried in a local cemetery, but that they were from a county some distance away and had no religious contact locally. I was asked to conduct the funeral. I met with the family and learned that this individual was a participant in World War II.  He joined the Military shortly following his 18th birthday. He was not in combat.  He did not leave continental United States. Following his enlistment and the end of WWII, he returned to his home, raised a family, and was a professional in high standing in his community.  This gentleman was a Great American.

I am concerned with the lack of military service of those who serve in our three branches of federal government.  And I am concerned with the vast number of individuals reaching the 18-25 age group who choose not to serve in the military. We live in a country where the choice belongs to the individual, and I will not question their decision; I am only concerned.

So we approach August with our eyes open, our VFW hearts consistently taking care of our Veterans.



Bible Verse Of The Month

Luke 6, Verse 37

“Judge not, and ye shall not be judged:

condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned:

forgive, and ye shall be forgiven."  

Prayer List

Dan Christman


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