Chaplain Corner - April 2017

April 1, 2017

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From the Chaplain’s Pen………………………………………....………………… Dr. Al Lowe

So now March is torn from the calendar (and in my case) folded neatly and placed with the previous months of 2017.  I do not know if March went out like a lamb, but that it simply went out.  Now it is April with all the thrills of Spring, taxes, and school almost out.

Probably the most important thing on the civilian calendar is that April brings with it our opportunity to support the Federal Government and a host of other things with the paying of our taxes.  ((FYI-federal taxes were first collect shortly after the beginning of the Civil war, for both the Federal and Confederate governments))  With the help of a digital program, I completed and emailed my taxes in February.  This year I received an $87 refund.  My goal is to be with in $100 of getting back or paying.  For the past several years, I have been within that goal.

However, I share with you one of the more serious scams happening today.  I have received several phone calls informing me that my taxes are in the arrears and that the government is suing me for as much at $10,000.  Folks, if you are receiving any phone calls from anyone claiming to be the IRS, HANG UP IMMEDIEATLY! THE IRS DOES NOT MAKE THAT KIND OF PHONE CALLE – THEY SEND LETTERS.  I do not answer any questions I am asked.  I do not tell the person my name.  And I sure do not speak with them once I realize it is a scam.  If you have any questions concerning this scam, you should contact the IRS yourself with your questions.  But for sure, do not send any cash, check, or tell your credit card number.

April also bring with it the most important day for the Christian on the calendar – Easter.  Resurrection Day is not a myth or story or a time to break the diet and eat too much candy.  There is no bunny, chicken, or plastic eggs.  I encourage everyone to participate in a Christian worship during Passion Week (April 16-22) and on Easter Sunday, April 23.

Remember to look after one another.  Take care of your neighbor.  Participate in your VFW Post activities.  This is well worth your time and effort.


Al Lowe


 Bible Verse Of The Month

John Chapter 8, Verse 12

"I am the light of the world: he

that follows Me shall not walk

in darkness, but shall have the light of life."


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