Chaplain Corner - December 2017

December 1, 2017

From the Chaplain’s Pen ……………………………...................................................... Al Lowe 

Thanksgiving has passed, and I hope you had – and expressed – your Thanks.  Around our place here n CenTex, we had children and grandchildren into and out of our place, and we ‘invaded’ several places.  I wish to draw to your attention the Thanksgiving dinner we had at Post 4008, District 14.  Lots of food, friends, families, deserts, -- and did I mention FOOD.

Now we head through December and all included.

First of all, and most importantly, this is the recognized celebration of our Lord and Savior. Without this event, December is just another month of a calendar.  As you celebrate, remember the Christ of Christmas.

My calendar is getting overrun with events.  We will go to the Temple Symphony this Saturday for the Holiday Concert. We have gone for several years, and it is exciting every time.

My wife and I both have a visit with our physicians. For me it is just a check-up.  For my wife, it is to make an appointment for hip replacement surgery.  This has been coming for several years, and now it is time. On the 14th, we will get with a couple of friends and go to the Mayborne Center for an annual Christmas Dinner.  Just to keep things in perspective, earlier on the 14th, we will be washing dishes at a luncheon at our church.

I am making plans to visit a couple Veterans of Foreign Wars District meetings in December.  My wife who is a sign language interpreter for the deaf will be participating in a cantata.

I am not sure just yet whether we will be going to visit our children, or they are coming to visit us. Will let you know next month!

Like I said, December is a very busy month.  But of all the business, I praise God for Christmas – and for all our VFW families; never forgetting those deployed. 

To everyone – MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Al Lowe


Bible Verse Of The Month

 John 8, Verse 31

"Then said Jesus to those Jews

which believed in him: If you continue 

in my word, then are you my disciples indeed."


Prayer List

 Dan Christmas

Charlie Street

Vernon Beauchamp