Chaplain Corner - November 2018

November 1, 2018

From the Chaplain’s Pen………………………………………....………………… Dr. Al Lowe

October is ending having brought to Texas the buckets of rain that flooded a lot of Texas. Yesterday I went out with my lawn mower (tractor style, riding) and mowed my recently grown grass. Took a couple of hours or so, and it really looks good.  But as I was riding around on the mower – I quit walking some time ago – I was drawn to remember mowing the lawn as a kid. Actually, I rarely mowed grass as a kid as we lived in government apartments and our yard amounted to a 20’x20’ patch. From time to time I did mow some other lawns, not too big, but not so small that I did not get a buck or two for my efforts. But to mow the grass where I lived; well, bottom line, I did not have a yard until I was married and returned from Vietnam.

I was reminded of this as I mowed the lawn yesterday, but bring it to you for the purpose of reminding you – and me – of important things in life. For an American veteran, one of the most important issues of this time of year is voting.  We are the ones who stood the line and continued the guarantee of the individual casting their individual vote.

A second important issue is that of the 1st Amendment to our Constitution which first gives the citizen the right of speech. I can rant and rave (within reason, of course) about this or any administration, and by the provision of the constitution should get a pat on the back.

However, I contend the most important issue of the 1st Amendment is that the government will not impose upon me a religion. As a chaplain on active duty, one of my duties was to provide soldiers and family members the opportunity to worship as they were led – or not to worship. And that continues to this day.

The next time I mow my grass, I will consider the sacrifice made by veterans.  That we stood the line of giving the right to vote – I VOTED; giving the individual the choice of worship (or not to worship) – I PARTICIPATE IN A WORSHIP SERVICE; and the overall right to be an American.



Al Lowe

Bible Verse Of The Month

Psalm 119, Verse 176

"I have gone astray like a lost sheep;

seek the servant; 

for I do not forget thy commandments."


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