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VFW Joins the $200,000 Giveaway Program to Rescue Ailing WWI Memorials

The VFW becomes supporting organization for program sponsored by the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission and the Pritzker Military Museum

December 12, 2016

WASHINGTON - The 100 CITIES/100 MEMORIALS program is a $200,000 matching-grant for groups who undertake the restoration, preservation or conservation of local World War I memorials. 

After the war, thousands of World War I memorials were erected across the country to honor the local veterans who fought. Now, 100 years later, many of these have been neglected, or fallen into obscurity.

The 100 CITIES/100 MEMORIALS program was created to do something about this. The program will support up to 100 World War I memorial rescue projects in 100 places around the country.

“The VFW strongly believes in honoring all who served as well as those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  This project allows us to take action at the local level in communities across the country to bring attention to those who served in World War I," said Debra Anderson, Quartermaster General for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Commissioner with the WWI Centennial Commission.

The 100 CITIES/100 MEMORIALS program launched in July, 2016, and the grant application period runs until June 15, 2017. 

"Having the VFW as a supporting organization is a real benefit", said Theo Mayer the 100 CITIES/100 MEMORIALS program manager for the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission. "With the help and support of the VFW's 1,300,000 members, we can expand the awareness of these available funds. Our mutual goal is to ensure the memory of World War I veterans, and the memorials placed all over America to honor their are remembered."

To help local VFW members to identify & adopt community World War I memorial projects, the 100 CITIES/100 MEMORIALS program managers have prepared new resources that are specially-tailored to VFW regional and local posts. These will be distributed in the coming weeks.

For more information about the 100 CITIES/100 MEMORIALS preservation program, go to WW1CC.org/100Memorials. 
Information on the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission can be found at www.ww1cc.org

Information about the Pritzker Military Museum and Library can be found at www.pritzkermilitary.org/WW1.