Chaplain Corner - March 2018

March 1, 2018

From the Chaplain’s Pen………………………………………....………………… Dr. Al Lowe

Here we are in March already.  Included in the push this month is membership.  We all must salute the flag and do our pledged duty in our part of taking care of Veterans.  I met a Veteran in church last Sunday and before I got to meet in up close and personal, he was gone.  I sure hope to get with him his Sunday.

March comes in like a LAMB around Central Texas.  My grass is looking like it might “green up” in the next week or two.  That means mowing, trimming, and all the other things we have been putting off all winter.  One thing I wish to remind all Comrades, there are some Comrades unable to mow their grass or trim the hedges.  We are committed to helping that Veteran – so get out and take a look, and where possible, lend a hand.

One of the most important issues before us this month is “March Madness.”  By this time next month, we should know who is the ‘second best’ basketball team is.  Since I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky, we all know who is the best- Go Wildcats.  Now there are some of you (Comrade Grant Seabolt, State JA) who may disagree with me.  However, having the best football team, he certainly can recognize the best basketball team.

Finally, for the Christian Church, this is the Season of Lent leading up to Jesus’ Week of Passion.  Easter – Resurrection Day – will be April 1 this year.  I pray God’s blessings on each and every Veteran.

Until next month,                   

God Bless, 

Al Lowe



Bible Verse Of The Month

Proverbs 2, Verse 6

"For the LORD giveth wisdom: out

of hus mouth cometh knowledge and 


Prayer List

 Dan Christman