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VFW National Home for Children

How We Help

Families are welcomed to our small-town community where they may live for up to 4 years. They work to identify what they need and want to accomplish, during which time they are provided: 

Housing A single family home in our community for up to four years with no cost.  

Education Tutoring, classes, secondary financial assistance and more to help accomplish goals. 

Daycare Licensed childcare while at work, school or for respite. 

Basic Needs Food, health care and clothing, if needed. 

Recreation Opportunities to help with becoming whole and healthy. 

If you want to see if coming to the National Home will help resolve whatever you are going through, call us today at 800-313-4200.

Case Management A caring professional dedicated to providing the expertise, compassion, support and guidance needed for the family to succeed.  

Military and Veteran Family Helpline A free service that offers information, creates connections and gives hope to struggling military and veteran families.

From the Chaplain’s Pen......................

So many people tell me how proud and grateful they are that I served – in my case in the Army. Some say that I am a hero, an honorable person, and a host of other adjectives, very few of which actually fit me or my personality. First of all, I am not a hero, and depending upon whom you discuss me, I am not always considered to be an honorable person. However, I am a Patriot! I am an American – and when I have the honor of doing a funeral of another veteran, I always refer to that individual as a Great American.

All that to say, I am given another opportunity to demonstrate my birthright, and honor my call to jury duty. This is not an easy task.   I have been chosen to serve on a Federal Court in Waco for the next three months. I call the court on Friday after 1730 hrs to see if my presence is required for the following week. I am not too sure what the odds of service might be, but I suspect over the January, February, and March timeframe, I will be called to serve a few times.

I wonder if I should make an attempt to get released from jury duty? I can claim – and truthfully so – the hardship of being on call for 90 days; to report to the Federal Court in Waco at 8:00 AM; to have this assignment placed before me in top priority. I could. I could write the letters, invoke my “unique” personality and beliefs, get someone to ‘vouch’ for me. And in so doing, I could most likely be relieved of this duty.

But is this the right thing to do? And I submit to you that for me to be relieved of jury duty at this time would actually be the wrong thing. For me it would be a bad decision. Actually, I place this obligation in a very similar calling to my service – in 1966 when the draft was in full gear, I actually joined the army as a Private.

I am sure there will be other opportunities for me, you, the Veterans of Foreign Wars to participate in obligations which might otherwise be considered – “something I really don’t want to do.” However, we have made the difficult decisions in the past, and I am fully confident we will correctly make the difficult decisions in the year coming.

After all, we are Patriots. We are Great Americans. I pray you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thanks for your concern.

Al Lowe, DMin

Chaplain, VFW Post 4008

P.S. Don’t forget, monthly gathering of the Comrades at the VFW on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Hope to see you then, and there.

Bible Verse Of The Month

 Psalm 145 Verse 18

"The Lord is nigh unto all them

that call upon Him, to all that

call upon Him in truth."


Prayer List

 Travis Magouirk

Eddie Williams

Lisa DeWeese

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