January 2019

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Post Commander's Message


Greetings Comrades and Sisters,

What a great year we have had. Hard to believe that it’s 2019 and as we celebrate, we should remember the many great events this past year and those who made it all possible. These events of the year to include our Cook-off, services, many remembrances, activities in the community and the continued comradery that we have as we reach out to our fellow Veterans in need and those in our community. We are so blessed to have such a great group of comrades and Auxiliary to support this Post.            

We have many events this month starting with a New Year’s Eve Party followed by the Post meeting on the 8th .  Next, on the 19th is District 14 Meeting at Post 9192 in Killeen followed by Mid-Winter in Austin starting on the 24th ending on the 27th.           

We continue to be a great part of this community and in supporting of others to include the many volunteer hours that some of you put in at the VA in Temple, the USO on Fort Hood and supporting our Adopt-A-Unit 4/3 Calvary who has been a great partner. Being part of the VFW means supporting the community we live so that others will see by our example and someday serve in the military as we have. 

We want to welcome our new members to the Post please introduce yourself to them and welcome them. I encourage our new members to come and participate in the many activities at the Post this month, there is something for everyone.   

Hope to see everyone at our next meeting on the 8th of January at 19:00 hrs. Thank you all again for your hard work and assistance in all we do here at VFW Post 4008.

Yours in Comradeship

Post Commander

Gary Leofsky

From our Auxiliary

 Hello Comrades.

Auxiliary, I want to thank all of you for your hard work this past month you always make us look great. We had a busy month with all the donations, coat drive, parties, food and decorations. Again, I want to thank you in advance for    all you do for the Post and our sponsor unit.  Hope to see everyone at our meeting on Tuesday the 8th.  Thanks again.

Until Next Month

Auxiliary President

Jessica Rozas


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