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From May 12th to the 14th, the VFW National Home for Children hosted the 12th annual National Home Junior Vice Orientation.  This year’s group of VFW and Auxiliary leaders was one of the largest in record and included National Jr. Vice Commander-In-Chief, Keith Harman and National Jr. Vice President, Dee Guillory. 

44 states and the Department of Europe and Pacific Areas were represented during the weekend gathering where attendees were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at what we do here at the National Home.  They toured the campus and facilities, interacted one-on-one with staff members, and had an opportunity to hear from past and present residents. 

“The National Home is absolutely breathtaking!” remarked Cathy Evans, Department of Montana Jr. Vice President. 

The Jr. Vice Commanders and Presidents really enjoyed the transparency of our campus and having access to any of the facilities that they wanted to explore.  They were also able to take tours of the residences here on campus that each of their Posts and Auxiliaries sponsor. 

Though many of the guests had heard of the National Home before their visit, everyone left with a deeper understanding after fully experiencing the National Home for Children and the impact that our programs and services have. 

“Seeing truly is believing.” said Florida Jr. Vice Commander, Gail Hadley.  “You see photos and slide shows but coming here is truly an awesome experience.”

From the Chaplain’s Pen ………………………………Chaplain Al Lowe

Welcome to June.  But before we leave May, I am of the need to remember all those veterans who have given the supreme sacrifice for the sake of our Great and Wonderful Country.  Specifically, I wish to recall a very special newspaper article written in January 1944 by Ernie Pyle.

“The column was an account of the affection an infantry company felt for its commander, young Captain Henry Waskow, who had been killed in the mountain fighting near San Pietro (Italy) and whose body had been brought down a mountain on the back of a mule.  The column’s emotional content was implicit, revealing both the intimate personal waste of war and the depth of Pyle’s growth as a writer and observer.”

Most would agree that this column was the most meaningful, and helped Pyle to become a central figure of the era, a living, high-premier war correspondent.

We conducted a Memorial Day ceremony at the Henry T. Waskow VFW Post 4008 this past Monday.  And every year – this year being no exception – the surviving members of Captain Waskow come to share in the honor and respect of all who have experienced the death of a soldier.  I had the chance to speak with several of the family – and again I am reminded of the cost of being an American.

This is a very important time in the life of these United States.  We approach a time in which a national election will transpire.  I assure you this, I will never tell you for whom to vote, and I will not tell you for which candidate I voted.  But you – individually and specifically you – must get involved.  Not with the name calling, finger pointing, and mud-slinging.  You must get involved with the study of the candidates and then the vote for that candidate you feel can best lead our nation for the next four years.

I will bring up the issue of voting several time between now and November.  But being so close to Memorial Day, and the honor bestowed upon all those who have died to give you the privilege to vote, I say to all of us from all of them – be prepared to vote.

Ernie Pyle’s column of Captain Henry T. Waskow is found in the book Ernie’s War:  The Best of Ernie Pyle’s World War II Dispatches, edited by David Nichols, pp 195-197

Blessings, Chaplain Al Lowe


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