June 2019

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Post Commander's Message


Greetings Comrades and Sisters,

Summer is officially here. With that come State and National Convention and installment of new officers for the Post.  We had a great year because of all your hard work and commitment to the Post. Thank You All!

This time is also a time to remember, a time to remember those who sacrificed all for the sake of freedom for us and everyone all over the world. In May we have Memorial Day for which we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and this June we remember that 75 years ago, on June 6th the actions of those brave young men who freed Europe on what has become known as D-Day. This was a day when the Greatest Generation showed the world that evil could not win and America would not let Europe fall. If you get a chance to talk to a WWII vet not only thank them but listen to what they have to say.

We continue to be a great part of this community and in supporting of others to include the many volunteer hours that some of you put in at the VA in Temple, the USO on Fort Hood and supporting our Adopt-A-Unit 4/3 Calvary who has been a great partner. Being part of the VFW means supporting the community we live so that others will see by our example and someday serve in the military as we have.

We want to welcome our new members to the Post please introduce yourself to them and welcome them. I encourage our new members to come and participate in the many activities at the Post this month, there is something for everyone.

Hope to see everyone at our next meeting on the 11th of June at 19:00 hrs. Thank you all again for your hard work and assistance in all we do here at VFW Post 4008.

Yours in Comradeship,

Post Commander

Gary Leofsky

From our Auxiliary

Hello Brothers, Sisters and Comrades,

Auxiliary, I want to thank all of you for your hard work these past months you have made the Post look great and as always make us look great too. We had a busy month with several events to attend and participate in. We look forward to the summer and all that it brings. Again, I want to thank you in advance for all you do for the Post and our sponsor unit. Look forward to seeing you at our meeting on Tuesday the 11th.

Thanks again.

Until Next Month!

Auxiliary President,

 Jessica Rozas


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