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VFW National Home for Children

Who We Help!

The National Home's community is open to the families of active-duty military personnel, veterans and relatives of VFW and VFW Auxiliary members. The family can be one or both parents with one or more children.

Families may accomplish significant life goals by participating in our program.  We offer: 

* Case Management services to help families set up their plans and goals for the future. 
* Educational, recreational, and enrichment opportunities. 
* Community resources and counseling.
* Free housing and daycare. 

From the Chaplain’s Pen .……………………………………………………........... Dr. Al Lowe

For some reason, I seem to push my articles to the conclusion of time, and then have to rush to get it done.  One time while at Texas A&M University Central Texas in Killeen, I was writing a paper on Viet Nam.  It was hard for me to write that paper and at one time, about a month into the research I picked it up and went into the professor’s office, dropped it on his desk and said, “I quit.”  He looked at me somewhat bewildered and simply told me to pick up my work and get the “H” out of his office and finish the paper – which I did.  It was a good paper. And I did finish it and graduated with an MA: History.

On my thesis, I used oral history interviews taken from Vietnam soldiers preparing to redeploy from Vietnam to “the real world.”  Texas Tech library has one of the country’s best Vietnam archive.  My search was for a few who had been in Vietnam and was returning home.  I then compared their redeployment and reunification with that of the Iraq soldier – I personally interviewed several of the last combat soldiers to redeploy from Iraq.  As you might imagine, there was quite a difference.

If anyone would be interested, drop me a note and I will digitally send it to you.

I bring this up because as a nation we have just celebrated our Memorial Day, a day identified and used to show honor and respect to those of our brothers and sisters in the Military who gave so much.  At my home post, D-14, Post 4008, we did our Memorial Service.  Family members of Henry T. Waskow, the WWII Captain killed in Italy and the honored name of our post, was again present.  Great people who honor us as we have opportunity to honor them.

This happened all over the Department of Texas.  I have read and seen pictures of Memorials, and for each one I am personally thankful.  I pray you are too honored and proud of those we display with our Memorial.

All the more reason to be a part of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  We take our military relationships quite seriously.  So again, I urge all who read this to be a part, an active part of your VFW.

See you down range!



Al Lowe



Bible Verse Of The Month

 Kings Chapter 10 Verse 9

“Blessed be the LORD thy God,

which delighted in thee, to set thee

on the throne of Israel: because the

LORD loved Israel for ever, therefore

make he thee king,to do judgement and justice.”



Ronnie Brown





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