American Pride, Patriotism; words heard after the terrible attack that took place on September 11, 2001 on our own soil. We all felt that pride very strongly and didn’t miss an opportunity to show it! As time has passed that American Pride has faded. Sisters, its time for us to go out into our communities and bring that pride back!  As a team, we can promote our American Pride by "SERVING VETERANS WITH LOVE, LOYALTY, AND FRIENDSHIP" and "KEEPING AMERICA'S VETERANS & FAMILIES STRONG".


Cancer Aid & Research is built on foundations that are constant - public awareness, fundraising projects, public education in the community and how the program is incorporated in the community.  Department of Texas Cancer Program: $2.00 per member, Incentive Level Program (Silver, Gold, Platinum) on-going cancer grant education/promotion/cancer education, Postdoctoral Fellowship Application, (4) gifts for Mid- Winter, grab bags for Mid-Winter, Statewide Project, District Apron Contest, Special Fundraiser ( Bake-less Bake Sale), 7-7-7 program, Cancer Pin Sales and Keep America "STRONG" Challenge.


 The Statewide Project this year is Breast Cancer Awareness with a "Twist". The "Twist" being that Men's Breast Cancer Awareness is incorporated in the program and highly promoted.


There will be no tickets this year for the Statewide Fundraiser.  However, there will be a Statewide Fundraiser- Bake-less Bake Sale.  A very simple, quick and fun way to raise funds for the Department of Texas and every Ladies Auxiliary will have the opportunity to participate throughout the year.


In 1928 Volunteer Hospital work became the second National Program adopted by the Ladies Auxiliary.  The need was then and still is now for Volunteers to assist aging Veterans, and warriors returning from the recent wars needing medical care.  Volunteers for the Ladies Auxiliary are "SERVING OUR VETEREANS WITH LOVE, LOYALTY, AND FRIENDSHIP" while "KEEPING AMERICA'S VETERANS & FAMILIES STONG".


We have an obligation to voice our concerns to our elected officials.  As members of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW it is our obligation and top priority that the entitlements that our Veterans' receive continue.  We cannot let out legislators take away all that was promised, Our Veterans' did not question; they just, not knowing if they would return.  They protected our country with honor so that we would be free.  We need to step up and let our legislators know we will not stand for any of our men and women serving have entitlements cut.

The VFW issues new Legislative Priority Goals every year.  It is our duty as a member of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW to stay informed of legislation that affects our Veterans past and present.  By joining Action Corps and becoming the "subject matter expert" you can keep your community informed and participate in the legislative process.  You can subscribe to the Checkpoint Newsletter, view the Priority Goals and sign up for the free VFW Washington Weekly email at  This gives weekly updates on all veteran issues, national security and what is happening on Capitol Hill.


  We must hold our elected officials accountable on Veterans' Issues, such as VA Health care.  We need to make out members and communities aware of the challenges facing our Veterans and their families (suicides, homelessness, military quality of life, education, and employment).  Encourage Veterans to register with the Department of Veteran Affairs to ensure they are receiving the compensation and entitlements due to them.  Last, but not least, vote in every election.


Whose eligibility enabled you to join our auxiliary?  Was it your husband, your father or mother, your daughter, your son or maybe your grandchild?  Would they be proud that you have joined this elite group?  You know they would be thrilled to see you sharing your passion with others who are eligible.  Everywhere you turn there is someone eligible just waiting to be asked to join. Considering the events of the past 10 years involving our military, we can only imagine how many are eligible to join us. 

The best way to show our veterans and active-duty personnel and their families that we care for them and are here no matter what comes their way is to set our goals and to Recruit, Reinstate and retain our membership and work our programs.  As we begin our new 2013/2014 year, we MUST set aside our differences and work hand in hand to carry out our organization into the future.  Before you can begin our membership program you need to understand it, so we will begin with some basics.  We have LIFE members, Reinstated members and Continuous members. 

     *  The LIFE member is self explanatory.

     *  A REINSTATED member is one who failed to pay dues last year , but paid for year.

     *  A CONTINUOUS member is one who pays for each.

Each Auxiliary in Texas has a "Quota". That Quota is the total number of members you have on each auxiliary roster as of June 30th of each year.  Our Ladies Auxiliary VFW year is from July 1st of one year through June 30th the following year.  We strive to collect dues for each member before December 31st of each year.


This year we will be "SERVING OUR VETERANS WITH LOVE, LOYALTY, AND FRIENDSHIP" by spreading the word about our Scholarships and Award Programs.  Our Scholarship program continues to be under one Program Chairman.  The Scholarship program will consist of Continuing Education Scholarship, Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest, Junior girls Scholarship, Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pen.  Our Challenge is to reach students and parents through every avenue possible.


While they are the youth of today, they will be the leaders of tomorrow.  As members of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW it is our duty to instruct the young people in our communities on achieving high goals and to foster patriotism. How do we motivate them? Contact youth groups in your community (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA or any other youth group in your area.) Require various types of community service and inform them how they can be of help to promote our programs to the community and earn their merits.


Each year hospitals all over the country have a shortage of nurses and are in dire need of them.  We as Auxiliary Sisters have the chance to help these nursing students reach their goal of becoming that nurse these hospitals so desperately need. 

This year we will again give three scholarships. First place will receive $2,000.00. Second place will receive $1,500.00 and Third place will receive $1,000.00. The winners will be invited to attend our Department Convention to receive the scholarship and to be introduced to you wonderful Ladies.


Nursing students’ who will be accepted as a nursing senior for the fall of 2014 Academic session, Must be attending a Texas College or University and Must be an American Citizen to qualify.  GPA must be a 3.0 or better. Verification needed, current transcript accepted. Double spaced typewritten 300 words or fewer essay on “Why you chose nursing as a carrer?” Application forms & instructions are in the program book or may be obtained online or from Chris Bishop. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY MAY 1 2014.


 Have an appreciation day for nurses at a local hospital, Drs. Office, nursing home or rehabilitation center in your area.  There is so much sickness & pain every day the nurses encounter let us show how much they are appreciated. Make their day by doing something special for them.


This program is what we are all about, helping our Veterans and their families. Included in this program are aid to Veterans and their families, VFW National Military Services, Buddy Poppy, and the VFW National Home for Children. Sisters, as members of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America, we need to be “SERVING VETRANS WITH LOVE, LOYALTY, AND FRIENDSHIP” while “KEEPING AMERICA’S VETERANS & FAMILIES STRONG”.


Texas VFW Foundation:  Make a domain or a fundraiser of any type to help raise the funds for this project.  All the funds stay in Texas to help our Texas Veterans and their families.  Earmark the check  "TEXAS VFWFOUNDATION" and mail to Ladies Auxiliary, P. O. Box 15285, Austin, Texas 78761.


Our number one goal is to continue to care aid and support our Veterans and their families. Some of the ways to help in this program are homeless Veterans programs, Stands Downs, Support the Troops, and education on Veteran and family entitlements. There are many ways to help the Veterans and their families in your communities.


There is no better way to show our love for our Veterans then conducting Buddy Poppy drives.  No one does more for Veterans. All funds must go into the relief fund, to help the Veterans and their families. Use Buddy Poppies in anything you participate on.  Make everyday a Buddy Poppy Day.


The primary function of the VFW National Home for Children is to care for the developmental, social, and spiritual needs of the children and families of the VFW and active-duty military personnel. They rely on the VFW and Ladies Auxilary for its funding.

 ** Save Campbells Soup labels for Education Program and Tyson Project and mail them directly to the VFW NATIONAL HOME FOR CHILDREN 3573 Waverly Rd. Eaton Rapids, MI 48827.



 Girls Scouts

Belton Senior Center