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VFW National Home for Children - Tribute Bricks

Be a part of the National Home’s history! A personalized brick is a wonderful way to honor a friend or loved one and leave a lasting mark on the campus of the National Home. Bricks are placed in walkways in front of the Community Center, Health & Education Building and World War II Monument. 

You can customize your 4” x 8” brick with your three-line message (maximum 18 characters and spaces per line). Consider donating a brick to:

  * Remember a loved one;
  * Honor a friend, comrade or sister;
  * Show your gratitude to a family member;
  * Celebrate a milestone in your life; or
  * Set your own name in stone.

Each brick is $100. Your purchase includes a commemorative certificate with a representation of your brick and its approximate location on the National Home campus. 


From the Chaplain’s Pen ……..........…………………. Chaplain Al Lowe

Here we go into March and among other things, it will soon be warm enough to go fishing. I really enjoy fishing – don’t catch anything, but to sit on the lake or a bank and throw the lure or worm to me is really a lot of fun, and relaxing.

March also brings with the season of Lent, a time of spiritual preparation as Christians all over the world prepare for Easter.  It begins this year on March 6, Ash Wednesday. The idea of putting the ashes on the forehead is a very old tradition. The ashes are generally a mixture of olive oil and the ashes of the palm leaves used last year on Palm Sunday. Also, they are an outward sign of one spiritually preparing this year for Easter.

Many believe that this is the time to go to New Orleans and celebrate Mardi Gras with all the ‘stuff’ there. But the Mardi Gras is in no way related to Ash Wednesday except that it is the Tuesday day before Ash Wednesday. Many confuse Lent with “giving up something for Lent.” There is some truth in that, only that in giving up ‘something,’ that ‘something’ should be replaced with prayer. I had a friend a long time long ago who gave up cigarettes for Lent. His replacement was cigars.  Had a right idea celebrated in the wrong manner.  So, you may ask, what am I giving up for lent?  I will give up a certain amount of time on my computer or watching TV and use that time for my Bible Study.

With all that is going on in March, e.g. my anniversary (#53) and my birthday (#39+34) and going fishing, I’m going to celebrate the Season of Lent – and I invite you to celebrate also.  Visit the sick and in the hospital. Call new members and welcome them to the VFW. Participate in the many activities of talking care of Veterans – no one does more for the Veteran than the VFW.

If you have questions or comments concerning my invitation, don’t hesitate to give me a call.


Al Lowe

Al Lowe MA, DMin

Texas State Chaplain

District 14

VFW Post 4008


Bible Verse Of The Month

Psalms 41, Verse 13

"Blessed be the Lord God of Israel

from everlasting, and to everlasting. 

 Amen and Amen."

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