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VFW National Home for Children

Who We Help

Families are welcomed to our small-town community where they may live for up to 4 years. They work to identify what they need and want to accomplish, during which time they are provided: 

Housing A single family home in our community for up to four years with no cost.  

Education Tutoring, classes, secondary financial assistance and more to help
accomplish goals. 

Daycare Licensed childcare while at work, school or for respite. 

Basic Needs Food, health care and clothing, if needed. 

Recreation Opportunities to help with becoming whole and healthy. 

If you want to see if coming to the National Home will help resolve whatever you are going through, call us today at 800-313-4200.

Case Management A caring professional dedicated to providing the expertise, compassion, support and guidance needed for the family to succeed.  

Military and Veteran Family Helpline A free service that offers information, creates connections and gives hope to struggling military and veteran families.


From the Chaplain’s Pen……………………………………………….........…………..Al Lowe

I guess the most important date in May is May 30th.  For one thing, I graduated from High School in Huntington WV at the Keith Albee Theater on May 30, 1964.  That is a pretty important date to me, but for my maternal family, May 30 was the birthday of my Grandfather, born May 30, 1900. 

There are additional important dates in May including The Kentucky Derby which is run on the first Saturday in May – and if you get a chance to be in Kentucky around that time, there are all sorts of celebrations happening.  Mother’s Day is May 8 – and I do hope all you VFW people remember the mothers in the organization and the auxiliary.

However, in 1868, following the conclusion of the guns firing brother v. brother, Decoration Day was inaugurated as the time for the nation to ‘decorate’ the graves of those killed during the war.  Later, Decoration Day was renamed at Memorial day as a day of remembering ALL the men and women who died while serving in the United States Military.

We at the Henry T. Waskow VFW Post 4008 will honor those at a Memorial Day service at the Post on Monday, May 30th at 12:00 hrs. Certainly, everyone is invited to attend and participate.

As we experience May, it is right to celebrate and remember those who actually and in fact gave the ultimate for God and country. Take the time, make the time, to remember and be thankful.

Take care; I will see you down range!


Chaplain Al Lowe


Bible Verse Of The Month

Matthew Chapter 5, Verse 7

"Blessed are the merciful:for they   

shall obtain mercy."


Prayer List

 Eddie Williams Family & Friends

Chuck Presnell Family & Friends





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