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VFW National Home for Children

This is a helpline, not a hotline. It is answered Monday through Friday between 8am and 4:30pm Eastern Time, except holidays. Messages left after hours are answered the next business day. You can also email us at

The Military and Veteran Family Helpline is a service of the VFW National Home for Children which serves as a living memorial to America's veterans by helpling our nation's struggling military and veteran families.

Be Heard. Be Helped. ---- 1-800-313-4200

This is a free service that offers information, creates connections and gives hope to struggling military and veteran families.

It's answered by experienced problem-solvers who care deeply about veterans and their families and who have the contacts and knowledge needed to get each caller help.

Military & Veteran Family Helpline

Sometimes the best way to help an American war hero, is just to listen, get to the heart of the problem, and find the right kind of assistance in his or her local community.


From the Chaplain’s Pen…………………………………………………………… Dr. Al Lowe

OK everyone.  It is May and we all know what that means – Kentucky Derby!  The fastest (and most expensive) two minutes in sports.  Even though my home base is Kentucky and I am a graduate of the university of Kentucky – I have never been to a horse race.  Lived in Lexington with Keenland – no go to the races.  And for Churchill Downs in Louisville, I stayed as far away as I could.

More importantly, May brings with it graduation.  I have a grand-daughter graduating from high school this year.  And yes, I will go to that ceremony.  We are so proud of our children and grandchildren.

I also plan to do some fishing this month.  Not sure I am planning on catching anything – but I will go out there with hope and anticipation.

I focus this section to District 14.  And to all post chaplains – if you have someone in the hospital, let me know their mailing address.  I know you are doing great things in your ministry, and I support you.  However, I would like to send a VFW Card to that person – and I need you to give me the name and address.  Contact me through this web-master – although most of you have my email address and home number.

Same holds true with your family.  Got a graduation, let me know.  A baby (grandbaby) born, let me know the name of the baby and home mailing address.  I have been writing “Baby Letters” for years!  Any special occasion, if you don’t tell me – well I just don’t know.  Give me names and addresses and I will shoot them a VFW card.

Always a blessing to serve others – and I am speaking of a two-way blessing.  Drop me a line.

Take care, be on the watch for other Vets.



 Al Lowe


 Bible Verse Of The Month

 II Peter Chapter 2, Verse 9

"The Lord knoweth how to deliver the

godly out of temptations, and to reserve

the unjust unto the day of judgment 

to be punished."


Prayer List

Dan Christman


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Continue to be respectful to all.  This is our Post and many have worked long and hard to ensure the enjoyment of all.  Continue to help and take care of the Canteen workers and show your Generosity to them.   Follow the rules and enforce them for the betterment of all. Thanks for the article on the next page. Please put your articles in the RED folder in the Canteen and I will pick them up weekly. This month's article is out of the VA Newsletter and a letter from a member.

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