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Our Mission for VFW Post 4008 Belton, Texas, a IRS 501 (c) 3 Public Charity organization is to assist

our disabled members and needy veterans and their families throughout Central Texas and to promote

programs that raise awareness and educate the public about what we do at VFW Post 4008. We

support the Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts of American. We provide support to the Belton

Senior Center. We also provide funds for Meals on Wheels throughout Central Texas. We have a

scholarship program to support our local high schools seniors. Our Buddy Poppy drive help to provide

assistance to our veterans.

Our single purpose: to assure those who've protected our country are taken care of in their time of

need. This assistance comes in the form of programs, standing up for veteran’s rights throughout this

great country of ours. The hard truth is, we can't do this without your generosity.

Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed to our VFW Post 4008 programs

where your support is most urgently needed. The VFW Post 4008 is on the front line in the

fight for helping our veterans in healthcare assistance, jobs, and education FOR VETERANS!


We thank you for your support of VFW Post 4008 and Texas veterans as every penny counts.