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VFW National Home for Children

VFW National Home for Children Our Community

The VFW National Home for Children mission is to provide children and families of active-duty military, war veterans, and descendants of the VFW and its Auxiliary, opportunities for growth and development in a nurturing community, and to serve as a living memorial to all veterans.

Families find a healing calm in a tranquil, rural, small-town community. Tree-lined streets connect 42 single-family homes with facilities like our gym, library, computer and science labs, Day Care Center, playgrounds, fishing pond, hiking trails and more...

Functioning much like a town, we have our own water wells, water treatment facility and sewage system as well as provide phone and Internet service.

From the Chaplain’s Pen………………………….…..Chaplain Al Lowe

Well, football season is upon us. Texas beat Notre Dame, A&M beat some California team; Baylor beat a school from Louisiana, half of the local high school teams won (obviously the other half lost) – but most important to me, my Kentucky Wildcats lost to Southern Mississippi. Now I doubt very many – if any – who actually read this article give a whisker about the Wildcats. But I do! That is where I went to school and that means a lot to me.

The same holds true with the military units in which we served. For the Marines, it is simply being a Marine. For the Air Force, it is the size of the aircraft. And for the Navy, it is always which ship one served and the ports visited. But for the Army, it is the unit.

Over my years, I was with the 10th Cavalry in Vietnam. As a Chaplain, my first assignment was with the First Cavalry Division – First Team! I served with the 40th Armor Regiment in Berlin and was there as the flag was folded after reunification, and the 40th went into the history books. My only assignment (other than the chaplain school) outside of the combat arms was with the 13th COSCOM out of Fort Hood. I had to learn an entirely new language of “Logistics” when working with the soldiers of the COSCOM.

The point of this is that in the military, we all have an extended family. We all have different jobs, different positions, and different “home bases.” But we are all one in the military. Among other things, we have our standards in regard and respect to our nation and our flag. We share with one another in times of crisis, fun, and everything in between.

I believe – and you may disagree – that the one thing we all have in common is that when we were called, we served. We may fuss and kid around, one branch with another. But bottom line, we all met our called upon obligation, and we served.

As we move through September, let us not allow ourselves to forget our brothers and sisters. And when we come to November 11th, let us reverently, honestly, sincerely, and in all truth, remember those who sat the standard.


Chaplain Al Lowe

Bible Verse Of The Month

1st Peter, Verse 4

"To whom coming, as unto a living stone, Disallowed indeed of men, But chosen of God, and precious."

Prayer List

Ray (Deacon) Wells

Dan Christmas


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